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Milan Design Week 2016

Beauty & Pragmatism | Pragmatism & Beauty
April 2nd – September 12th, 2016
Museo della Permanente
Via Turati, 34, 20100 Milan, Italy
XXI Triennale International Exhibition 2016
21st Century. Design After Design

Curator: Magdalena Kochanowska

During the XXI Triennale di Milano, will present an exhibition which will look at two facets of Polish design: aesthetics and functionality. Are these qualities equally important? Or is one more important than the other? Beauty or pragmatism? Pragmatism or beauty? You decide!

XXI International Exhibition, Triennale di Milano 2016
XXI Century. Design after Design "Sempering" / MUDEC / Zona Tortona

Curators: Luisa Collina, Cino Zucchi

(zʼɛmpərɪŋ); Engl. present continuous voice of the verb “to semper”. In architecture and design, a constructive action on a material or a compo-nent which leaves a meaningful formal trace in the final product. 

Milan Design Week 2016